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I purchased a brand new electrolysis machine

Recently I purchased a new machine from a new company and it's the Evolution 5D. I love this new machine and it is producing superior results from the last machine I was using which was the Apilus Platinum 27 mhz. I really did not want to break away from the Apilus family but I needed to try a new company and try different technology. The Apilus Platinum is still a great machine and I used it for 8 years straight. As an electrologist I think it's important to upgrade your machine or try different technology every once in awhile. In my opinion if you walk in an electrologist office and their machine has "knobs" or "dials" on their machine then you may want to consider finding another place to go to because that machine is from the 80's. Don't get me wrong, I am an 80's baby but realistically I do not listen to a cassette player anymore. Long story short….new technology trumps older technology especially in the field of electrolysis.

See you soon!

The Problem

At best, unwanted hair is an embarrassing situation; at worst, it's a problem that interferes dramatically with a normal lifestyle. Electrolysis is the most effective method for removing unwanted hair permanently and safely. As your electrologist I will be frank in explaining how electrolysis is accomplished and answering all your questions. Soon you will be on your way to new beauty and self-confidence.