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Yelp Negative Review (Wynn Tashman)

I feel the need to write about this negative reviewer due to the fact that his review is inaccurate and flat out lies. Yelp allows people to write reviews about our business but doesn't let the business owners respond. If we do respond then the reviewer complains and yelp takes down the business owners response…….which is the case here.

Wynn Tashman

This client came to my business asking me to help him out and stated he was on a budget and his mother was paying for his treatments. His goal was to have his entire back cleared in 90 days which I stated is not possible . #WynnTashman decided to go along with the treatment anyway and stated that "lets just see how far we get". Mr Tashman failed to mention that I donated 10 free hours along with the hours that he paid for. Here's where the problems began………Wynn missed several appointments!

Four appointments to be exact. He decided to write a negative review after I stopped responding to his text and wouldn't accept him as a client. You would think a future UNLV graduate lawyer and PH.D would be more respectful of someone else's time. Not #WynnTashman

He speaks of unsanitary conditions. For those that are reading this review……. Would you spend 39 hours in a place that is UNSANITARY? Probably not! I will agree that Wynn did show up with a break out on his back. He stated that he was in a hot tub with other men and they shared towels. He stated this could be the reason. At the time he didn't blame me for the break out but he did state that he went to the dermatologist for a separate issue and just happened to ask about his back and got some cream for it.

I have no problem with negative reviews if they are true. Wynn Tashman's review is far from the truth and downright unethical. He then goes and gets his boyfriend Sean M. to write a review. Sean M has never been in New Finish Electrolysis.

In conclusion……Im here to help and if you decide to come to me or check out the establishment you will see that Wynn Tashman was definitely not telling the truth. If you believe what he says then there are 6 other Electrologist in town that will gladly help you.